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Spring Brings Sunny Days, Warm Weather, Storms, & Storm Damage.

Spring will be here in a couple weeks and that means warmer and sunnier weather, but it also means storms and storm damage. Now’s the time to have trees inspected to prevent damage to your property, home, cars and more.

We all look at trees and see the immense beauty, enjoy the cool shade and know that they give us the oxygen we need to sustain life, but there’s a dark and dangerous side too. Winds can bring them down, lightening can strike and damage and even though you may not see what’s going on with a tree, there can be a lot of internal damage that weakens and makes vulnerable the stability of a tree.

I know for myself, there’s nothing quite as sad as losing a tree to storm damage, seeing roots exposed and helpless branches on the ground instead of reaching to the sky is a troubling sight. Sometimes insect or disease damage makes it imperative that a tree be cut down before damage to property occurs. It takes years for trees to reach a level of maturity where they provide shade and become aesthetically pleasing, so when you lose a mature tree for any reason, it’s difficult to replace that loss.

Have your trees checked every year to prevent disease and damage whenever possible. Keep those branches protected so your children can swing from the trees, climb like monkeys in the jungle and so you can stretch out in a hammock tied between your trees. Keep your “tree” memories alive and well!

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