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That Awkward Time After Halloween to Christmas

The leaves are falling and will be gone from branches of the trees, but not quite all gone. Your landscape needs cleaned up from the soon-to-be frost-bitten dead vegetation and leaves that have furiously blown into it. When you take down the Halloween decorations, but you aren’t quite ready to remove the pumpkins that have not made it to the carving stage, so you keep them and the fall wreath that adorns your front entrance. You can use it a little while longer…at least until it’s time immediately after Thanksgiving when hopefully the weather is kind enough to allow for switching out to the Christmas lights, garland, wreaths, ribbons and bows. Oh, the joy we will have this holiday season!

It can get a little touchy though. Some are anxious to start into Christmas right away. Others prefer the tradition of holidays staying in their own lane. It’s going to happen no matter what anyone decides to do individually. It is nice though when the seasons don’t get ahead of themselves. In the business world each one is concerned that if they aren’t the first ones out with the merchandise to purchase then another business is going to beat them. So, they are a little forced to conform, unless it is a business with standards that go against “fitting in.”

Children aren’t too concerned. They simply love all the fun that goes into each holiday that they participate in. Halloween they get to choose their costume and trick-or-treat for candy! While they are munching on what’s left from their stash before they know it it’s Thanksgiving! Most kids are learning about the first Thanksgiving Day. Many are in plays or singing in music class about “The Year 1612 and the Good Ship Mayflower.” How many of you helped with Thanksgiving food preparations just so you could dip your spoon into mom’s special dishes that have been tradition since you can remember? Once the Turkey Holiday ends then one big event happens! Kids make out their Christmas wish lists and get them mailed so Santa will be sure to see theirs first.

The only downside to any of the holidays is the search for which box has what decoration. Of course if you’ve been smart the year before you would have already marked the boxes to be easily found. It can be a chore to add the décor, but oh, the tree is so lovely, the fragrance is pine or something minty like peppermint or cinnamon. The feelings are all there with the joys of past seasons. Yes, it’s this time already and leaves as soon as it arrives.

I guess it’s not awkward after all! It’s quite fun, busy, exciting and wondrous! We make the season what we want and if it’s a happy time for you and your family then that’s all that matters however you celebrate it! One thing for sure! The kids aren’t complaining about being off from school!

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