Winter is a Great Time for Tree Maintenance

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While we might not think about cutting trees in cold weather; it is the perfect time while the sap is low. Winter can be harsh on branches that could break off from heavy winds, ice or snow, so preparing trees to withstand the damage of winter is one of our specialties.

Trees, when properly cared for, provide shade to keep summer cooling costs down in buildings during hot summers when the air conditioning is on. Trees also increase property value. Unlike forest trees, the well-maintained landscape tree is much fuller and shapely. Healthy trees provide homes for wildlife such as birds and squirrels, plus we reap the benefits of the fruit and nuts we enjoy consuming.

Let our certified arborists analyze your tree maintenance needs. We stay on top of the latest trends, education, certification and equipment to give you the service you expect! Call us today to discuss how we can prepare your trees for this coming winter!