Why we love fall so much…

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The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is turning delightfully cooler, why do we love it so much?

  1. The holidays…Halloween, Thanksgiving and the ushering in of Christmas.
  2. Clothes…who doesn’t love sweatshirts and blue jeans.
  3. Sports…let the games begin!
  4. Food…pumpkin everything! Bonfires and wiener roasts.
  5. Décor…fall color is trumped only by Christmas beauty.
  6. Family time…lots of holiday time off!
  7. Hayrides, pumpkin patches and corn mazes.
  8. Trips to the orchard for a little apple picking, cider and pumpkins.

Here’s some fun history about corn mazes.

Mazes date back at least 4000 years to the time of Greek myths. In Roman times, mazes and labyrinths were found in artwork, in the design of floors in homes, public buildings and in the pavement of streets. It is believed that mazes were not considered puzzles, but were used for rituals and processions.

In the centuries that followed, mazes continued to appear in artwork and architecture such as inlays in the floors of the French cathedrals. In Scandinavia, over 600 stone labyrinths lined the shores of the Baltic Sea, with over half of them in Sweden.

Later formal gardens were developed throughout Europe and included puzzle hedges. The garden mazes were developed at the wealthiest castles and palaces to amuse kings and princes. The task was to find the center and then return to the beginning point.

The maze in the gardens at Hampton Court Palace, one of the finest examples in England, was planted by William III (1650-1702).

In the nineteenth century mazes became a popular entertainment in parks and other public places.

Since the 1970’s, navigating through an intricate maze has become a popular form of recreation.

Enjoy fall and all the wonderful things that go with this wonderful season! Take time for family fall fun…you’ll find it A“mazing”.