Why the Monday/Friday syndrome?

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We all know the feeling. Wednesday we starting thinking about how close we are to Friday and Friday our spirits soar because we’ve waited all week to have two days off from the workplace. When Sunday rolls around, our spirits start to dip…even though we are still within the weekend parameters our minds are already thinking about Monday and how we do not want to go back to work.

Stress is very real and we all experience it in the work environment and in our mind we think Friday is the answer. What if we treated every day like it was a Friday, and what if we treated Sunday like it was a Friday instead of allowing our thoughts to already be living as if Sunday were Monday.

It has been proven that our thoughts control our actions and our thoughts control our next steps. Why is it so easy for our minds to go to the negative instead of to the positive? It really is as easy as shifting your thought process. An example of this concept would be a “habit” it takes a few days to change a habit. For instance, if every day you go out for coffee, then every day your mind expects to do just that. For two weeks, if you fix your coffee at home and take it with you, you’ll see your mind shift to expecting to make coffee at home. If we take that concept and apply it to the Monday/Friday syndrome, then we will experience the same effect.

Why not give it a try, when Sunday afternoon comes round and you find yourself starting to feel down, start thinking about all the great things you still have time to do. Why not make Sunday afternoon the time you participate in your favorite hobby! Make a craft, play golf, visit family, play piano, read a book, bake some cookies (call me if you do this…LOL) in other words, associate Sunday afternoon with something you love to do, your spirits will soar. Now what are you going to do with Monday morning? Why not fix your favorite breakfast, or pack your favorite lunch or go out for your favorite lunch. Take a few minutes and read something positive and uplifting. If you have a commute, listen to some uplifting music and tell yourself this day is just like any other. Take some of those cookies you baked to work and make everyone’s Monday wonderful!

By now you’ve figured out that it’s all in our heads, so to speak. How you think is how you’ll be, act and feel…why not feel like every day is a gift, unwrap it with excitement and wonderful expectation!

Happy Monday through Sunday!