Who Walks the Journey With You?

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Trying to remember it’s not what you gather while on your life journey, but who walks the journey with you that counts the most.

We are born to achieve!  We learn to sit up, crawl, walk, talk and so much more. We are told to excel in school, sports, at work and at play. We accumulate credits, degrees, trophies, ribbons and promotions…all depicting our successes in life.  We drive a nice car, live in a great house, eat at the best places and sport the latest trends in fashion, all symbols of the life we’ve created. Life can be great, it is meant to be lived with great joy…but it’s not the things accumulated that matter in life; it’s who walks this life with you. God places many individuals in our path, one becomes our life companion with whom our family grows, and others become lifelong friends, church family, work family and acquaintances. Our family becomes the greatest extension of our lives. Who is willing to hold your hand when pain and grief grip your life, who rejoices with you in the times of great happiness? This journey is made richer by the ones who God has given us to walk it with. Be thankful today for the friends who will linger with you in the valley and who will climb the mountains with you. Hang on to the ones who, at the top of the mountain, remind you to rejoice and give thanks…for those are the ones who will remind you to do the same in the valleys.

Life’s a journey, walk it with God and family. No one is an island.