What makes your Christmas special?

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Decorating for the Holidays, hanging strand after strand of lights, garland and popcorn and dozens and dozens of decorative bulbs…that’s what makes it merry and bright, right?! What makes your Christmas special? Does your family do something unique for the holiday that makes it an extra special time of year, something that you couldn’t imagine a Christmas without? I think this time of year is the perfect opportunity to bless others. Even if you are struggling with something yourself, blessing others in small ways helps to take your mind off yourself and the battles you may be fighting. I find a simple text of encouragement or a quick message letting someone know they are valued is all it takes to brighten a day or to give someone the strength to keep moving forward. Maybe you can run an errand for someone who isn’t able to get out or take someone shopping who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to go. Call a friend and ask them to have coffee with you, ask them how they are and what’s going on with them…make it all about them. In this world, believe me they need to be able to talk about life. The holidays can be a particularly lonely time of year for those who do not have family or whose family may be far away. Share your family with someone who otherwise would be alone. Compliment people on their hair or clothes let them know you noticed that they look particularly nice. Say please and thank you! Tip your waiter, waitress or barista a little extra…everyone struggles to balance finances with the added expense of gifting. If gifting is more than you can handle this year, give the gift of yourself. Offer a free backrub, or a night of babysitting, a day of cleaning or be someone’s cab for a day. Bake something delicious and wrap it beautifully, make a craft or card…something unique and special that is a reflection of who the recipient is. A gift need not be expensive to be appreciated. One last thing before I close this blog…remember to keep this spirit all year because the battles people are fighting or the hardships they are facing don’t end when the holiday season ends. Shouldn’t we be good to one another all the time…of course we should.

This blog borrowed from a fellow blogger.