What Do You Know About Survival?

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What is the single most important tool you need for survival? KNOWLEDGE! Always being prepared in case you find yourself in a situation of survival is key! Learning the basic skills can save yours and other’s lives.

You have to be mentally and physically prepared for any and all events you may encounter. Many who are not prepared tend to panic and panic can be what causes lives lost. It’s always important to let people know where you will be going exactly, when you plan to return, and know the area you plan to go. That is preparedness to begin with!

Always carry a map with you of the area you will be in, even if you believe you know the area. It’s always a safe precaution. Any Google search will show aerials or drawn maps as guides. Print them and keep them in a plastic bag to keep it safe from dampness. There’s no excuse to not carry a map with you, and a compass along with a little experience to boot. Those three things can save your life.

Being prepared can also mean training. You may not expect that life saving experience and training can help in a dire emergency. So, learning how to apply first aid or give CPR can be helpful in many situations, and not just on an expedition. Learning what to do in case of environment and weather can help too. Taking a survivor course before setting out is one of the smartest things you can do.

Lessons on what food and drink to take along is a part of survival training, and if all rations are used, what then? Do you take it a step further to learn what is safe to eat and drink in the wild? Most survivalists carry provisions for shelter as well. A thin sheet of plastic can serve as a shelter from the rain or snow. It’s not a permanent solution, but will hold until other arrangements can be thought out. What trees are nearby? What can you anchor it with? Thought of what ifs are good to ponder before the trip in case those things are necessary.

Learning how to safely make a fire that is contained, to keep you warm, to heat food and water may be necessary for a long time outdoors. Finding water and purifying it with boiling heat will become very necessary. Water is even more essential than food in the first few days. Food is a must after weeks. Be sure to talk to the experts for any equipment necessary for your excursion so you and your co-explorers can beat any challenge faced.