What Are The Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

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Tree owners will often try to maintain their tree health by simply applying a basic fertilizer around their tree base on an as-needed basis. However, in order to best establish and stabilize your tree health, it is best to have certified arborists service your trees with Deep Root Fertilization.

Deep Root Fertilization is a tree care method in which Certified Arborists will use high-pressure equipment to inject a balanced mix of fertilizer and tree nutrients directly into the root base of the tree, thus maximizing the impact of the fertilization in the root system. This specialized treatment is ideal for promoting shrub and tree health throughout the seasons and various weather conditions. The benefits of deep root fertilization are significant and long lasting.

First, deep root fertilization promotes tree health by improving the soil around the tree base by reducing soil compaction and providing key soil aeration. Soil aeration enhances a tree’s ability to absorb oxygen, water, healthy bacterial organisms, and other essential nutrients within the root system, which allows for greater root function and overall tree health. This specialized fertilization stabilizes the tree’s root system and makes the surrounding soil around it healthier for root nutrition and expansion.

Secondly, in urban environments, the vast areas of concrete and grass immediately surrounding our trees will hinder their ability to regularly absorb water, oxygen and other nutrients, often compromising tree health. In more natural areas, the decomposed leaves and organic materials of nearby brush and other plants would normally feed a tree. However, in our developed areas, we must supplement the tree’s nutrient system through deep root fertilization since concrete areas limit a tree’s root system development, and grass near the trees will utilize the same nutrients, oxygen and water needed by the trees. Deep root fertilization gives trees the opportunity to not only survive but also flourish in urban environment.

Finally, the fertilizers often applied to trees by property owners are just spread on the soil surface, and do not penetrate into the root system at all. Wind and rain will further diminish the impact of surface fertilizers by thinning out the nutrients applied to the tree soil. However, deep root fertilization eliminates this problem by applying fertilizer and tree nutrients directly within the root system, which is key for mature trees with deep and vast root systems. When performed by certified arborists, the tree will receive the deep root fertilizer at the correct depth within the soil that best benefits the root system.

Let the certified arborists at McCullough’s Tree Service stabilize and promote tree health on your property through deep root fertilization, thus protecting your investment and ensuring many years of enjoyment from your trees and shrubs.