We’re Looking for Immediate Hires at Our Newark/Granville, Ohio Location

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McCullough’s Tree Service is looking for immediate hires at our Newark/Granville, Ohio location. We are also accepting applications at the Granville locations. If you meet the qualifications listed below…please call 740.819.0158 today!

Our business is growing and expanding and finding great team members can sometimes be a really big challenge. Working in the tree business industry is hard work, its rewarding work too but one must be aware that it is a very active job and being in good physical condition is a definite plus!

Knowing the tree business is a requirement when applying at McCullough’s Tree Service. We need to know that you have the experience to get the job done.

We’re going to ask you if you have a good driving record and a current driver’s license. We are responsible for you when you are behind the wheel of one of our vehicles…so serious violations are not permitted when you work for McCullough’s Tree Service.

We are always looking for great team members who possess these 6 qualities: Reliable, Confident, Humble, Trustworthy, Respectful and Honest! We even go as far to say that “posers” need not apply. At McCullough’s Tree Service, we take great pride in the fact that our team members are the best!

We need certified CREW LEADERS! We OFFER the Following:

Sign on BONUS

We will PAY to Relocate

Always Appreciated

You are NOT just a number

You’ll work with a Team of Experts

We are Well-Equipped with the right tools

We Believe in Family 1st and Flexibility

Are you ready to make a move?

So…if you’re looking for a position where you can learn and grow, if you want to be part of an awesome team and you realize that being a great “tree guy” is not a job for sissies, If you think you’re an A player, then you might fit in well at McCullough’s!  Give us a call today 740.819.0158.