We Have a Great Arboretum Right in Our Back Yard

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If you haven’t yet visited The Dawes Arboretum you really should get your family together and go. There are so many nice trails to walk and explore. The variety of trees is incredible. They have events throughout the year. If you’re looking for a relaxed place to spend a scenic time then check them out in Newark, Ohio.

They charge an entrance fee, but becoming a member is much less expensive if you enjoy frequenting this family park. The educational programs they hold are very informative and useful by professional guest speakers who have years of expertise.

We are proud that they choose McCullough’s Tree Service as their arborists! When an arboretum uses an arborist they trust it says a lot! As you know, we LOVE trees and caring for them. Being able to do an excellent job for this fine park is wonderful.

Check out their website, because the events they hold are really well-worth attending. If you want great tree service call the experts!