Upcycling Trees, Branches, Trunks and Logs

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If a tree in your landscape needs cut down or if it fell, there doesn’t have to be an end to its purpose. Upcycling trees is very trendy, and can be a fun craft or art project. Buying furniture made of wood is one thing, but creating your own piece of furniture or decoration is very self-satisfying.

Depending on the purpose of your project, and the material you have to use will be determined by what tools you have for the outcome. Have a natural look with bark, or smooth without. Let’s list the project possibilities from tree parts.





Trunk Ideas: seating indoors or outdoors, planters, bird feeders, gnome home, birdhouse, table, bench legs, table base, flooring, coffee table, cake stand, clock, and some of these would have to be 1” slices to create the right look.

Log Ideas: use as candle holders, railing, rafters, roofing, bench, steps, cabin walls, cat tree, fencing, room dividers, lamp stand, & bed posts.

Branch ideas: curtain rods, wall art, spindles for stairs, Christmas tree branches, jewelry holder display, coat rack, ladder, table decor, fencing, pergola, garden markers, chandelier, shelf holder, lamp stand, garden arbor, & garment rack.

Tree Ideas: turn the tree upside down with roots showing out of the ground for a flower planter, use to carve if you are really artistic and handy with tools, use as a bird feeder holder, string lights on it for night lighting in the landscape or patio area.

Finally one of the best ways, the most obvious—and easiest—use you can get out of your dead tree is to chip it down into woodchips or mulch that can be used to landscape and garden, or split it into firewood.  The ideas are there, now it’s up to you.