Trees can actually communicate with each other.

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Did you know? Trees can actually communicate with each other. They emit a chemical into the air to warn the other trees that they are about to be infested with insects. They can actually combat leaf eating insects by some of the chemicals they produce. Some wildlife are keen to this chemical that attracts them to come feast on the pests that infest.

Trees are also able to talk to each other through an underground network; kind of like the internet via the soil where they share nutrients. Fungi that rest on the roots assist trees’ communication by linking each tree to one another. Who knew that trees emit excess carbon to young seedlings to strengthen their survival?

So, you see some facts about trees are simply incredible and a forest will grow, survive, revive and show us that we must turn around and see the trees for the forest.

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Next time you are planning your landscape think about the curb appeal trees offer. They will bring color, interest and life to your yard for years to come.