Three things to focus on so your expectations can have a positive impact on your life:

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Sometimes a fellow blogger writes about something compelling that makes me say…I must steal this blog. So, here it is a blog that caught my attention, held my attention and made me take a look at life. You will want to click on the link and watch the video by this intelligent young man.

Sometimes our expectations derail us from happiness – but they can also be used to empower us. Three things to focus on so your expectations can have a positive impact on your life:

1. Set positive expectations for yourself.
Those who get ahead in life have positive expectations for themselves. They believe in their ability to figure things out no matter what happens or what opportunity they chase after in life. They understand that there will be struggle along your path but they choose to stay resilient and continue taking steps forward.

2. Have positive expectations for other people.
We expect what we constantly see, so beware of surrounding yourself with jerks or negative people and news. If you regularly watch garbage television or reading trashy blogs and magazines, then you will start to expect negative things from others. This is why it is so important to have a positive peer group. Your job is to go out and network and surround yourself with positive, visionary, supportive and nurturing people.

3. Have positive expectations for your life.
Expect that you will grow healthier, wiser and more kind and trust that positive things will come your way. Remember that all things have meaning and purpose and that tomorrow will be another great day or step in the right direction. Good things are coming, and when it feels as if they are not… remember that this too shall pass so you can expect another sunrise tomorrow.

Credit: The Charged Life by best selling author Brandon Burchard