Thinking of Back to School

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When it came to writing my blog this time, I had several things on my mind. I couldn’t settle on one, so I am choosing all of them!

The kiddos are heading back to school now, young adults are heading off to college and I think about all the good things that are waiting for them, but I also think about the things that can lead them astray, down the wrong paths so to speak. Our young people face such challenges and adversity, not that I didn’t when I was young, it’s just different now. Social media plays a huge part in our kids’ lives and they are so accessible to the world. They have to make smart, right and good choices sometimes when the lines are very blurred.

I have prayed for the children and young adults heading off to school…for the younger ones I pray they will have a sense of self and a good dose of confidence in who they are, even though at that age, it’s hard to know who you are. I also pray they will be able to discern right from wrong individuals when they are approached for friendship and comradery. I have asked that they know in their knower that drugs and alcohol will only mess them up and not make anything more fun or better! I have asked that when strangers try to entice them, that they feel a sense of cautiousness and know who is okay to talk with and who is best left alone. Our children face such peer pressure, far more than ever before and they need our prayers, our words of encouragement and our accolades when appropriate. They need all of us. Not a little here and there, but always, full-time involved parents, grandparents, community and friends. It may not always “take a village” but it sometimes takes a helping hand or two and it always takes a world of prayers.

For the college age group…I wish I could tell you that staying up all night partying and hanging out will only set you back on your path to success and I wish you would listen. Yes, it will be hard, but it will be worth it. You will have great challenges in college, but if you do it right, you will also have great successes! Don’t be stupid, when you feel in your gut that what you’re about to do is not the right thing, step away from it. Don’t be afraid to be different…because different is sometimes the smartest way to be!

Well parents, grandparents, communities and friends…they’re heading back. Share something good and insightful with your young people. Tell them a story that changed your life, but most of all, pray for them! Ask that God would direct all their paths and keep them from harm no matter what.

Watch the roads and bus stops, the highways and byways. Be mindful of busses and the precious cargo on board. Remind your driving children to never, under any circumstances, text, dial or answer while driving. The last call they answer may very well be their “last call”!