Things to Occupy Your Indoor Time ‘til Spring

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Briskly cold days in winter tend to make us feel boarded up in the house until spring. We may not want to go out into the dreary weather, but we can still occupy our time ‘til spring arrives.

Plant Indoors – You can order seeds now for planting. If you have never started a seed on your own, here are a couple links you may want to follow to learn the technique of starting seeds. A well established seedling that has a good root system is all a plant needs to get a good start. Try to link here for a list of ideas to get prepared:

Also, try this link to order seeds and learn about what seeds to plant and when:

 Craft a Sweater Hat – This is a fairly simple project that can be accomplished in a short period of time. A video link is provided at the end of this paragraph for your convenience to follow instructions. If you have an old sweater that you held onto you now have a new way to repurpose it. If you don’t have a sweater you’re willing to give up you can find one at a thrift shop. The instructions on the video tell you where to cut, so you need scissors. It also instructs you to use a need and thread or really strong fabric glue, so if you don’t have those items handy you will want to get them as well. If you have an old pin you like to wear, or buttons you’ve collected those would be fun accessories to add. Even a piece of lace combined with the buttons would be really cute.

Mismatched Sock Ideas – There is a webpage that lists 61 ideas to do with mismatched socks. Surprisingly they are really unique and useful. Take one of the ideas here:

This is generically created with a pair of socks and kitty litter. Its purpose is to be placed into your car to prevent your windshields from fogging up. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? You can place it right on the dash of your car or under the seat. I could see creating more than just the generic and actually make cute animals instead with the same materials, but adding string and buttons. It could be a really fun and creative idea for many. Think about crafting many of these for friends and family as gifts.

Hope you enjoy the winter days inside with fun ideas to make the time go by. Enjoy!