The Trees Are Turning Color Already

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Can you believe the trees are starting to turn already? It really is exciting every year, event though we’ve experienced this season for decades. Soon the hillsides will be ablaze with gorgeous colors and there will be a slight nip in the air and the haziness of Indian summer will be all around us.

Trees provide some amazing artwork for our enjoyment. The colors of fall, the vibrant greens of summer and even the bare branches of winter can hold glistening ice and snow that turn our surroundings into a fairyland. But it is the warm shades of red, yellow and orange that fire us up for fall and get us in the beginning moods of celebrations to come.

Taking care of our trees is important in so many ways. They provide so much that is necessary to our everyday existence. They also provide value to our homes. When it comes to keeping your trees in the best shape possible, let the experts at McCullough’s Tree Service be your source.

Trees are a renewable resource, so plant a tree on your property. Fall is the perfect time! If you don’t have room, there are many places that will plant a tree for you in memory or honor of someone special to you. Give back, take care and enjoy one of nature’s best participants!