Thankful for Friends and Family

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It is this time of year that you start to reflect back on many years of time spent with family and friends and you are reminded again how precious the people are that have been placed in your life.

Family is so important to us. They support and love us through all our trials and tribulations. Great memories are made at special gatherings such as Thanksgiving. Those familiar aromas of cooking traditional dishes that bring you back home in your heart. Stories shared from long ago are brought back to the present with the same joy it brought then.

Friends make us laugh and help us forget our daily struggles. We can be ourselves and relax just hanging around them. We make those special connections and lifetime commitments to share loyalty and love. How fun it is to make plans to gather with each other and share the same interests, hobbies and even food. We have that bond that draws us closer to each other as time goes on.

How blessed we are every day, to find the happiness and joy in the things we share with our family and friends. Let’s make this Thanksgiving one of great appreciation and gratitude for all we are fortunate to be blessed with. Near or far you are close in heart. We are so thankful to all of you for bringing blessings to us.