Thank You Community Service Employees!

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Thank goodness for the service employees in our community. Without them we may all have to learn to do some necessary daunting tasks to survive. Frigid weather like we’ve been experiencing is the hardest to imagine working outside in, but some have sworn an oath to serve when the need arises.

Directed by an officer in a red helmet, firefighters attack a propane fire during a training exercise.

If there is a wreck on the road we expect to see the police, ambulance, fire engines, and tow trucks. It doesn’t matter the temperature, because those are immediate and necessary services provided. If a house fire occurs we expect firemen to show up as quickly as they possibly can to save lives and property. If an electric line is down or there is a power outage of some sort we expect a power lineman to serve quickly to restore our typical comforts and necessities.

These service employees are very brave for what they do for us and our community. They don’t make excuses, they just show up. For those great people leaving the comforts of their home to go out in all weather we thank you so much!

If you want to also thank a person doing a service in your community Just say ‘thanks!’
Just about every day, you likely pass police officers, firefighters and paramedics going about their daily business. Just saying a simple “Thank you for your service” can be a great way to show that individual you respect and appreciate what he or she is doing for the community. It’s extremely simple, and could make their day.