Spring Tree Care and Maintenance

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Looking ahead, spring is less than a month away. We gleefully look forward to seeing the little buds pop up on the trees and shoots of green coming up from the ground. Those are signs that spring is finally here and hopefully winter is behind us. What is essential to do this time of year is inspect all your trees for any signs of winter’s damage. Damage can be caused from the freezing temperatures winter is know for and Ohio’s winter 2021 is no exception. Branches can be frostbitten, and bark/trunk could be starting to split. It’s very important for a tree’s maintenance to have branches trimmed and trunks repaired that are showing signs of stress.

Our Certified Arborists are trained and well educated on the needs of trees. Pruning can cause stress to a tree, and having an expert take on the task will ensure the proper amount to remove. Trees that are properly pruned live longer, create a safer environment and enhance your property’s appearance. We understand that every tree and landscape is unique, which is why we offer a full range of tree services to keep your trees and landscape healthy and vibrant all-year-round.

We consider all the possibilities of saving a tree from removal, but sometimes poor conditions, bad location and other criteria will factor in, and it’s best to have it removed for many reasons to avoid risk. We do inspect carefully to see if there is any way we can prevent any tree removal. We also include stump removal with a cutting machine that grounds the stump into wood chips. Stump chips are left on site because they serve as excellent mulch but we will gladly remove the wood chips if you prefer.

We’ll assist with tree species selection and planting of a replacement tree that will best thrive in your climate and landscape conditions. We’ll evaluate a new tree for your soil conditions, climate and other factors so you get the best tree for your property. Our arborists will help you develop a tree health care plan to help your new tree grow and develop.