Spring has sprung at McCullough’s Tree Service

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What’s your favorite thing about spring? For me, it’s hearing the peepers for the very first time.

There’s a certain spot along the Wakatomika Creek where, every spring, the peepers find their voice. After a long, cold, snowy, dreary…need I go on, winter, I look forward to hearing their sweet chorus as they happily sing about warmer more pleasant weather that’s coming! Perhaps for you it’s the forsythia and dogwoods bursting forth in all their splendor or maybe it’s the sweet smell of grass. I have friends that look for the Robins to return with their signal that winter is over, others rake away the leaves in their landscaping looking for the daffodils and crocuses, whose heads have just popped through the ground and whose blooms sometimes have a dusting of the last snow of the season.

At McCullough’s Tree Service, this time of year signals our busy season and the chance to serve our clients who have become our regulars and the chance to serve the new clients who will soon become familiar faces in the McCullough Tree Service client family. Our team members are ready and have prepared our equipment to get the job done.

So, happy spring everyone and remember we’re here to take care of you. Don’t wait another minute, give us a call today.

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