PLANT HEALTH CARE – Fall Fertility and Chlorosis

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Many trees and plants in Ohio suffer from iron deficiency, chlorosis, induced by high (alkaline) soil pH. A symptom from the iron deficiency is the leaf yellowing. Plants suffering from iron chlorosis will often exhibit dieback and poor growth. Chlorosis is especially a problem with trees planted along streets and around homes where the original topsoil was removed or mixed with subsoil. The lime content of many of these subsoils is high.

Did you know that most of the trees in our Ohio landscapes are faced with multiple challenges? Including climactic, environmental and pest issues – also nutrient deficiencies, poor soils and biological problems.

For 20 years McCullough’s Tree Service (MTSI) has been helping Ohioans care for the trees on their property. We know the issues and we know what to do combat them and keep your trees and your property looking beautiful.

Our signature fertility product is an organic based soil enhancer that is loaded with everything a tree needs to survive and thrive in Ohio soils. We inject it directly into the root zone where it is readily available to promote soil health, biological health, add nutrition and help trees defend themselves from disease and pests. Sometimes pests gain an advantage over certain species of trees (think Emerald Ash Borer). When these problems arise, our Certified Arborists can step in and diagnose the issue and provide a program to deal with the problem…. AND speaking of Emerald Ash borer, you might be surprised to know that MTSI has HUNDREDS of Ash trees under management that are still alive and providing beauty for many of our clients!!!

The best option is to contact your McCullough’s representative to discuss what options are available to correct chlorosis.

Call McCullough’s today for a no obligation tree healthcare assessment and quote. We will put together a proactive plan for you!