Planning a Fall Party

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You’ve been Pinning and suddenly get the urge to throw a fun, but creative outdoor fall party. Funny how Pinterest gets in your head! Well, thanks to Pinterest there are literally thousands of party ideas for fall. The decorations that can be made are endless. You almost have to decide a theme first or you will want to make everything you see! First of all what is the theme? Leaves? Pumpkins? Apples? Sure, those can actually be part of the decoration. But, what theme? Hmmm…so hard to choose.

What about a wiener roast? That’s a laid back and fun theme! What do we need to make that come together? The grocery item list needs started:

Hot Dogs




Chocolate Bars

Graham Crackers…

…Okay that’s good so far. What else?


Apple Cider

Bottled Water

Cans of a variety of beverages

…Still, doesn’t seem like much. Do we have side dishes?

Potato Salad

Potato Chips

Baked Beans



Pumpkin Bread

Cheese and Crackers…

…Not bad! Maybe we can add to it by asking guests to bring their favorite side dish or dessert! Okay, that’s taken care of!

Now, we need to be sure our guests have places to sit. Do we bring in stacks of hay to sit on? What about big logs around the fire? Oh, that reminds me, we need to whittle sticks for the hot dogs and marshmallows. That’s fun and rustic! We need plates, napkins and cups to serve everything in. Let’s not forget the utensils. Maybe we can pick out a cute fall theme of colorful items to match a table cloth that the food is on?

What if our guests get cold if they aren’t standing by the fire? I know! I saw it on Pinterest! We could get inexpensive blankets, roll them up with a rope and display them in a basket with a sign that says “snuggle up!” Yeah! I like that!

What about the table and yard decorations? Pumpkins are always colorful! Mums! Let’s not forget them! I think we also need to locate some corn stalks as a tall décor. Maybe put a large plaid bow around them. Like I said before…the possibilities are endless! I better go back on Pinterest to see what crafts I can create to add more fun to the theme! Have fun with your party! Happy pinning!

P.S. We sell firewood! Remember that coming this fall!