Plan Ahead: Managing Emerald Ash Borer

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Management: Ever since the emerald ash borer swept the Midwest 20 years ago the persuit was on to stop these pests. Today not only do we have tools to fight this insect but we are developing better management techniques every day.

Tree Health Plan: Treating ash trees has long been shown to be effective against emerald ash borer. Our specialized treatment is injected into the trunk of a tree and travels throughout the live parts of leaves and stems.

Potentially Costly Untreated: If an ash tree is left untreated there are direct costs as the tree dies like removal, replacement, and potential loss of property or life when branches break. Indirect costs include increased run off, loss of home and yard shade, and lower property values. It is also important to consider the sentimental value of specific trees when planted to honor a loved one.

Maintenance Treatment Plan: Keeping trees alive allows communities to benefit from advances in emerald ash borer management. There is great promise for the future. Parasitoids may be able to lower the total number of emerald ash borer and reduce the number of ash trees they are able to kill.  Call and schedule a No-Cost Consultation with one of our six ISA certified arborists to assess the trees on your property and how best to maximize their health by letting the experts manage the destructive insects on your property.