Our Greatest Loves

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Each and every one of us has them. They may be from the past, they may still be there waiting. This isn’t a blog about people in love with each other; rather it is about what speaks to our hearts in our every day lives that when we think about them, we can actually list them.

Ask a child what their greatest love is. They will have so many loves to share! From candy to crayons, children will all have a fantabulous story that won’t be like the child next to them. Colors are fascinating. Everyone has a favorite color. To wear it or use it in drawings, and possibly our choice of flavor like orange, lime, cherry are all colors we love to eat!

Some of our greatest loves are movies, television shows, or the actors themselves. They bring feelings and emotions that touch our hearts like no other. There’s something to be said about a great actor that we love to watch that fills our hearts with satisfaction. Hollywood knows what they are doing to lure their audiences.

Then we have pets who have been our best friends that we adore! They can be the greatest loves we ever have experienced. Having a special pet in our lives gives us the love we never knew existed. Unconditional love is taught to us by our pets. They don’t ask for anything in return except more of our love. They don’t even get mad if we’ve been gone all day…they just wag their tails or purr with delight when we walk through the door.

Some people have a great love for shoes or jewelry. They can collect more than they will ever wear in a lifetime! There are those who love their shoes, or their watches, and maybe even their purses so much that they want to constantly shop for more. 

Or, what about the greatest loves we have of food? Oh, yes, that is one that most everyone agrees with. That list could go a long way since it’s one of the greatest pastimes. There is simply too much to list on that subject alone!

The one thing we have in common is it brings us great comfort, joy and sometimes a feeling of being loved back! We wouldn’t do anything we didn’t have to do. Anything we choose is because there is a benefit to it. Think about your greatest loves and write about them, list them, or just dream about them!