New Decade Means New Ideas for Your Home or Business

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Happy 2020! With a NEW Decade comes new ideas for your home or business, the resolve to make last year’s goals this year’s reality. Finally! You’re ready with ideas that you’ve saved on Pinterest or stored in a folder on your desk, right? Let’s resolve to make this year a TREEmendous year and LEAF all the past behind! Your goal should have many factors! Where do you start? I couldn’t think of a better place to start than McCullough’s Tree Service! You ask the questions, and we’ll give you the solutions! Our goal is to satisfy you and make your property the pride of the neighborhood!

  1. Ever look at a tree on your property and wonder if it will withstand another storm? Our team of experts will gladly look over any trees you may have concerns about. We will offer suggestions to maintain the existing strong tree or solutions how to remove or minimize the threat.
  2. Do you usually do your own landscaping and just can’t face another year of maintenance of tree trimming, fertilizing, cleaning up or any other tree-related items you have done on your list. We’ve got you and you can LEAF it to us to do. We are in your neighborhood just around the corner!
  3. Trees overgrown and planted too close to the house? Are branches hanging over the driveway? Are trees leaning and look like they could fall at any moment? Storm damage that needs cleaned up? We are local, equipped with the right tools and ready to do the job well! It’s what we’re proud of!
  4. Lack of color? Lack of style or shape? Lack of ideas? Let us help you with those items. We can tell you what will be beautiful and healthy, plus we can advise where they would be best suited for your property for its value. Trees can really enhance your property. We have the knowledge, ability and know-how!
  5. Let’s make this year one of completing our goals. The To Do List will be completed and you will have peace of mind knowing that McCullough’s Tree Service has your and your tree’s best interest in mind! 2020 is going to be a great year!