National Best Friend Day is Tuesday, June 8th

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Most of us have at least one or two best friends we can put all our trust in and know they will be loyal to the end. Many don’t know this holiday exists, but if you want to honor your best friend(s) why not think of ways to celebrate them being in your life?

There are so many ways we spend quality time with our closest compadres. We eat together, which is the most popular way to hang out! Movie going, attending concerts, crafting, boating, walking, biking, listening to music and the activities can go on and on…

Why not plan an outing with your bestie(s) this year by planting a garden together. You choose the plants, be it flowers or veggies, and get soil, and pots. Get creative with arrangements. It would even be fun to make plant markers to label what each plant is. Of course you’ll each take home your pots and take care of them, but how fun it will be to see each other’s progress.

Why not plant a tree together in honor of the friendship? Shop at a local garden center and ask about the trees to see what you each like in a tree. Whether you decide to plant it in your yard or if where you live allows you to add a tree in a park or public access place with approval, you could mark the tree with a marker establishing your friendship, and maybe a quote that you each love.

Why not have an old fashioned picnic in the park? How fund would that be to each bring some of each others favorite foods to enjoy. Best friends know what each other likes. Take lots of photos to document the occasion and post your great day on social media with #nationalbestfriendsday hashtag or #nbd #besties and finally #bff.

Good friends are hard to come by, and we need to make the extra effort to show our appreciation for them. Even if you don’t meet up for months or even years, it’s a great feeling knowing that our best friends will always be there any time of the day or night when we call. Now, get on your phone and text or call your buddy to catch up on their lives!