Mother’s Day Is Such A Special Day For Mom

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What can we say that hasn’t already been said about the matriarch of the family? She has so many roles from doctor, cook, hair stylist, accountant, chauffer, teacher, coach, and too many more to mention! How does she do it all? We can pretty much answer all those roles. She does it with LOVE! Moms just love us that much.

She might feel exhausted in her daily roles, but she’d never make you feel bad about it. She may feel overwhelmed with her duties, especially when she has more than one child to look after. When all the kids are in sports, or activities, that’s a LOT of running around, especially if mom has a full time job. We have reason to believe that mom carries two full time jobs! Anyone would feel tired working 80 hours a week, but that’s what a lot of moms do.

So, we see why mom is so deserving of a special day just for her! One day to show appreciation. Hopefully we are appreciating her all through the year though. The one day she can be pampered and have a nice meal out with family or a barbeque that is put on for her. Everyone pitches in to give mom a break. Oh, what a lovely break it will be! She can sit back and relax while the house is being cleaned, food is being cooked and hopefully she has someone who can get this woman a mani-pedi! That might be a gift given as another pampering she can look forward to.

What does mom want for Mother’s Day? Besides the pampering, she may love to have jewelry from her kids, or beautiful flowers. One thing that would be very special to mom would be to purchase a tree in her honor and as a family plant it in the yard together. A flowering tree so she can look forward to the blooms each spring and think of the wonderful gesture her family made for her. A pine tree can stand firm, plus it stays green all seasons. So what ever you decide to get for that lovely woman, who raised you, make sure it is a tree that lives a long, happy and healthy life. Care for it like mom cared for you. Yes, a little “sappy!” Pun intended.