March is Finally Here, but What are the Signs of Spring?

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Spring, of course, marks the beginning of warmer weather and longer daylight hours, the blooming of flowers and the budding of leaves.

It’s not a guarantee that snow won’t still intrude onto the new flower shoots. But, Mother Nature has equipped those flowers to be hardy against such frozen ground and icy wind. As spring’s start approaches, the snowfall left by winter’s storms is melting.

We’ve experienced some flooding with not only the melting of snow, but the rain that has us huddling inside to stay warm and dry. It saturated the ground around us like we haven’t seen for a long time.

When the weather is dry and the ground is easy to walk on, it’s a good idea to look around your yard for signs of spring. Buds will start popping, and flower shoots will peek through the ground just waiting to bloom with the wonderful color varieties. The warming temperature and increased daylight spur the growth of new leaves on trees

You’ll start noticing the songs in the air in the early morning and late at night. The birds are coming back to start their new families. Frogs will have their own conversations when they visit nearby to give us a feeling that nature is alive again.

We’re always going to welcome spring. It’s a time of rebirth, a fresh feeling and renewal. It’s the season we feel we can start a new plan, a new hobby or a new habit. Anything is possible with more daylight to play with!