It’s Time to Harvest

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It’s time to harvest. We’ve not quite finished summer, and we are not starting autumn just yet. We’re at an in-between time. The flowers are just starting to fade, but not spent yet. The mums are in full bloom, but need a place to be potted.


If you have some flowers that are at the end of their time you may consider pulling them out of the pot to make room for added mums. Sometimes freshening up the look can help with the transformation. By the time the summer plants are gone they can be replaced with more fall foliage.


Adding fall decor that coordinates with the colors used helps welcome the season change. Try adding some new shades to foliage and pumpkins that are white, or paint the pumpkins fun colors. Add gourds and corn husks. Fallen branches can be painted or left plain to create a woodsy feel. Pretty much anything goes to bring a colorful mix to a fading landscape.


The internet is full of crafty ideas for thrifty finds or craft ideas. Buying wide ribbon to make seasonal bows that blend color is uplifting and attention grabbing! Don’t forget the fun decor hanging from tree branches such as lanterns, and warm string lights.


How long has it been since you created your own scarecrow? Did you do this as a child? Burlap, old jeans, and old plaid shirt, straw, and a hat should do. If you have a hay bale that he can sit on, it ads to the fall feel. Of course gathering leaves of color to place here and there assists in decorating a plain look. Bandanas are another way to add color to pumpkins, the scarecrow’s neck or hat; around a bunch of corn stalks…the ideas are endless.


Think about the next season, and welcome it with some fun ideas you will be proud to look over with pride.