Insect Control

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We manage pests including the Emerald Ash Borer and all types of destructive insects which can devalue your property. Countless insects live on, in, and around trees – many are harmless, while others can cause fatal damage.

Chewing Insects – Defoliating insects migrate to the foliage of a tree and feed on the leaves. Other chewing insects attack the fruit. Caterpillars and beetles make up the largest proportion of chewing insects. Generally, trees can bounce back from an attack of these defoliators, though repeat infestation will weaken a tree and can eventually kill it by starving it of energy.

Boring Insects – Boring insects are often the most harmful to trees and if left untreated can cause death. Boring, or tunneling, insects cause damage by boring into the stem, roots, or twigs of a tree. Some lay eggs which then hatch and the larvae burrow more deeply into the wood blocking off the water-conducting tissues of the tree. Signs of borer infestation include entry/exit holes in the bark, small mounds of sawdust at the base, and sections of the crown wilting and dying. It is important to regularly monitor a tree’s trunk for signs of boring insects to enable early identification and quick treatment.

Sucking Insects – These insects do their damage by sucking out the liquid from leaves and twigs. Many sucking insects
(e.g. scale insects) are relatively immobile, living on the outside of a branch and forming a hard protective outer coating while they feed on the plant juices in the twig. Quite often they will excrete a sweet, sticky substance known as honeydew which contains unprocessed plant material. Honeydew can cause sooty mold to form on leaves and can become a nuisance for homeowners. Signs of infestation include scaly formations on branches, dieback of leaves, and honeydew production.

Healthier trees are less likely to become infested, so maintaining the strength and vitality of your tree is an important prevention step. Once insects are present, controlling movement up and down the stem with physical barriers can interrupt the lifecycles of many harmful pests. Call and schedule a No-Cost Consultation with one of our six ISA certified arborists to assess the trees on your property and how best to maximize their health by letting the experts manage the destructive insects on your property.