How’s the View?

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You can’t be afraid of heights when you work for McCullough’s Tree Service. It’s not just about getting to the top, but it’s about the climb on the way up. There are so many skills that play a part in how these workers get their jobs done. They have to have special climbing equipment, sturdy boots, safety ropes and equipment, and the proper tools to use as they go. A bucket truck comes in handy too, but for the really tall trees, you have to climb. Image how cold the air is clear up in the top of the tree, but also image the view from that height!

Isn’t this skill a lot like life? Think about it. You can’t be afraid of life; it’s about the journey or the climb all the way from the beginning to the end. It’s about having the proper tools to handle everything that comes your way and it’s about surrounding yourself with good people who can coach, help and keep you safe along the way. The journey might be a challenge, but the view might be incredible. The climb to the top of the mountain can be difficult, but the top of the mountain is amazing. Sometimes we’re tempted to stay on the ground by choice and sometimes we have to climb the tall trees by circumstance…but remember the view from wherever you are, there’s always something beautiful to see!

Now that you have a good idea of what arborists do, We are HIRING a couple Arborists! We need certified CREW LEADERS! Know anyone interested in the following?

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  • Appreciated
  • Not just a number
  • With a Team of Experts
  • Well-Equipped with the right tools
  • Family 1st and Flexibility
  • Ready to make a move?

Contact Wess at 740-819-0158 if you or you know someone that is ready to make a move!