How to Start a Fire Without a Match

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Your ability to start a fire without a match has a high value. For instance, think about this. Imagine your bug out bag and fire starting materials outside of your reach. They are miles away or there’s a bear between you and your supplies, okay I just made that up, but it sounds really cool, right? To make things even more stressful, you can’t get to them at the moment you need them most.

This would be the moment when your knowledge and skills take on life saving value or “s’more saving value! If by some chance, you are able to start a fire without that gear then guess what? The knowledge in your head has just become more valuable than your gear. Wow, now that’s deep!

So wouldn’t it make sense to know as many fire making alternatives as possible? In this article is a list of fourteen ways to start a survival fire without matches. I’m not saying that you have to pull these all off at the same time, but it is possible that just one of these methods may be perfect for your emergency situation or when you want to show off for all the other campers!

To help you make better sense of these, there are 9 groups or basic techniques, so jump in and start a fire! No matches or lighters allowed!

9 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches