How are we like trees? How are trees like us?

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Even so every good tree brings forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. Matthew 7:17

Just like us, our fruit trees need food, water, pruning and nurturing to bear great fruit.

Most fruit trees fair better when they are planted in twos, so you should choose at least two varieties of fruit trees to grow simultaneously.  (Like we need relationships, trees need the company of another tree.)

Decide on a place for the trees. Ideally, the trees should be approximately 20 feet apart.  (We all need a little space to allow for growth.)

Dig the holes for the trees. The roots should be buried to the same depth as they were at the nursery where you bought the trees. The width of the hole that you dig should be 50 percent larger than the width of the hole at the nursery. (We all need deep roots to ensure great support) Be rooted in Christ!

Add compost to the holes, a few shovelfuls should be fine. (We all need rich soil to support growth.) Read the Bible!


Place the trees into the holes and shovel the dirt from the holes back into place over the tree roots. (We all need to have plenty of coverage.)

Pack the dirt lightly. (So as not to smother)

Step back and make sure that the trees are standing upright. If not, adjust the trees accordingly. (Make sure you are walking your life in a just and upright fashion, just like a tree, God can help us adjust accordingly.)

Water the soil around the trees. (We all need “the living water.”)

Spread mulch around the trees. This helps with weeds and keeps the dirt at a more regular temperature for the trees. (Cover yourself with the Word of God, keep the weeds out and stay steady.)


Add lawn fertilizer to the soil surrounding the trees twice a year at spring and fall. (We all need the Bread of Life)

Pinch off the trees’ first series of buds. These first flower-like buds should begin appearing during the second year of the trees’ life. By pinching them off, the trees will have more time to develop before producing their first fruits, and this will make for heartier fruit once the fruit begins to ripen. (Just like God prunes us so we can bear great fruits.)

Thin out the branches to prevent the fruit from growing too close together. This should be done around the time when the fruit reaches the size of a quarter. Neglecting this step will result in fruit that is smaller due to clustering. (Great Pruning leads to Great Fruits!!!)