Have You Ever Wondered How to Plant & Grow Pumpkins?

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From the article in the GARDENBEAST website I’ve found that this “Guide to growing pumpkins from seeds – Everything you need to know from planting to caring for your pumpkins to harvesting & storing” has been very informative.

It’s not too late if you get the seeds in the ground now, so they will be ready by harvest in the fall. The ground should now be warm enough to plant the seeds as there are no signs in the future of frost. Ohio weather can be hard to predict, but closer to July is a much safer bet for the challenge.

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own pumpkins, as the store pumpkins can be very costly, why not try gardening them yourself? This guide will give you all the links you will need.

Here is their web link to view the article in its entirety. How to Plant & Grow Pumpkins: Complete Guide (gardenbeast.com) by Hollie Carter, published in GARDENBEAST on June 7, 2021. Happy Harvesting!