Handling Disappointments

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Sometimes we get hit with disappointing news or plans we made didn’t go so well. How do you handle disappointments in your life? Sure it feels good to crawl back under the covers, but only stay there for a little bit to lessen the pain. Then you’ll want to get back up and change your course or try, try again as the saying goes!

We all go through disappointments at times, and what we do to overcome them is the key to staying positive. Positivity is a mind set. You have to sometimes purposefully go after all the happiness you can, and change your thoughts for the better. Nothing improves until you refocus your path. Get on a new journey and take a new route to get there. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Well, the emotional ups and downs of life hits everyone, especially around the holidays or when something in our life isn’t going the way we had hoped. So, a daily practice of re-thinking negative to positive is the way to do it. There is always something good if you look for it. As the famous Mr. Rogers said, “My mom always told me to look for the helpers” whenever he was scared watching sad news stories as a kid. Great advice for all!

Following positive quotes and social media groups that have uplifting messages and inspirational leaders is an awesome direction to take on the road to overcoming disappointments. Soon, you’ll find that by practicing happy thoughts, and staying in a good mindset will come naturally. You may even find yourself helping others! Isn’t that what life is all about anyway, helping others? I guess Fred Roger’s mom was right!  \

Here is a link to “10 Positive Ways to Start Your Day” that you will enjoy: