Generational, But People are Still People

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You know, the millennial generation appears to be setting the trend in fashion, preservation, green living and social media…but when you really think about it the generational lines are blurred in many areas of life. We all like to be trendy in what we’re wearing whether it is clothing, jewelry or otherwise, so we tend to watch what others are doing in the world of fashion. The millennials are setting the trend, but eventually it shows up on all generations…and for many of us; we experienced the same fashion trends that are popular today, back in the seventies!

When you think about living green, living tiny and saving the planet, it appears that the millennials are setting the pace in these areas too, but baby boomers and beyond have been “downsizing” for years.  Living tiny is the same thing as downsizing, just different words to describe it. Back in the sixties many were protesting the unnecessary use of chemicals and the mass clearing of forests and woodlands, and just like to today, creating new ways to preserve our planet. Repurposing, recycling and reusing…all words that could have been used to describe the way our grandparents lived. You didn’t throw anything away and you always found another purpose for those things!

Past generations preserved the trees around them, this generation plants to create new trees and woodlands for generations to come.  Although they may not talk in excess about things like trees, they do see the beauty and necessity of them, and if you listen closely to conversations you’ll hear what you least expect.

So even though we are generations and years apart…people are still people. It might look like millennials are only interested in themselves, but they care about the past and they value the traditions and those who created the traditions. Ask them about their family, their grandparents, a favorite Aunt or Uncle or mentor…it won’t take long to find out they are a lot like you and I!

This blog is written by a non-millennial…obviously!