Fall Check List

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Today is the first day of autumn, September 22. Having a checklist to mark off is a great idea when you don’t want to forget all the items you need to prepare for the cold months ahead. When we have all our ducks in a row we tend to have order and peace of mind.

❏ Rake and remove or mulch leaves

❏ Cable and brace trees to minimize storm damage

❏ Schedule anti-desiccant applications for injury susceptible evergreens

❏ Remove dead and damaged limbs from trees with maintenance pruning

❏ Schedule fall/winter tree service

❏ Arrange for a storm prevention audit

❏ Plant and/or transplant trees and shrubs

Raking leaves is typically an activity that we all do. Leaving them on the ground could damage the grass, and we want our lawns to look nice if we plan to do any fall decorating. Raking up leaves in bags can be a fun project for the family when there is a craft awaiting with the trash bags full of leaves! Many ideas are available on Pinterest for a fun look for Halloween using brightly colored trash bags. Here is an example to fall in love with below:

Orange trash bags are another fun decoration to add to the kid’s outdoor activities for Halloween. Pumpkin faces can be drawn with permanent marker or taped on with black duct tape. See this cutie pie pumpkin? It’s not a trick to get your kids to help rake up leaves if they get a treat to craft pumpkins with these bags, is it?

Now, if you want to go even further with the theme of leaf holders and add burlap bags to make mum planters with leaves inside as a base, this idea won’t scare you, but it might add to the “harvest” of the fall season! This is a creative way to display these unique leaf bags! Who wouldn’t be impressed with this décor?

Best to let the professionals take the “scare” off your Fall checklist! It’s important to cable and brace trees, schedule anti-desiccant applications and remove dead and damaged limbs from trees. McCullough’s would be glad to give a No Cost / No Obligation estimate to help you protect your trees before winter arrives. Just fill out the online request form here: https://helpfortrees.com/home/free-consultation or call / text us!