Down Memory Lane: Halloween Costumes

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Halloween will soon be here, and if you haven’t bought your costume there is still time. Maybe this blog will inspire you. There are really crafty and imaginative Halloween costumes made up these days. Not only can you go to a store dedicated to all Halloween costumes and decorations, but the accessories to launch the imagination are also available in many stores today.

As kids we used to use our mother’s makeup for dressing up like a princess, our grandpa’s clothes to be a bearded bum or white sheets from the drawer to become a ghost! Of course that sheet was an old rag willingly given up for the eventful candy grabbing night. Holes were cut for the eyes and a hole for the mouth. Most of us weren’t as bad as Charlie Brown’s sheet that had a few too many holes. We also didn’t receive rocks as a trick.

If you bought a boxed costume from the store it would have a molded plastic mask with a face painted and an elastic string to keep it on your face. The outfit would usually be a one piece to coincide with the mask and had a tie in the back by the neck.

Typically we took a pillow case to gather the goodies, but sometimes we’d have a bucket or bag that was purchased at the store as well. The night before we’d go on our adventure in ghost-land knocking on doors or ringing bells to get candy we’d always get a lecture to not eat any of the candy until one of our parents had a chance to look the candy over to be sure they were all safe to eat.

We eventually got tired of our masks and pulled them on top of our heads. The bags got too heavy to haul door to door. So, we would decide to go home so we could let the candy inspection begin. We’d finally get to munch on the candy of choice, but was told not to eat it all in one sitting for fear we’d have tummy aches the following morning. The funny thing is, we had candy in the mix that was undesirable, and we’d either opt to eat them last or not at all. We’d have candy in our lunchboxes, candy to snack on at home after school, candy to chomp on while watching TV, and eventually we ate enough of the bag that we’d have our fill for a good while…until at least Christmas when you’d have all kinds of new candy! Ha ha! What can you say? You were just being a kid and doing what kids do! Having fun and making memories!