Decorating Your Home for Christmas with What You Have Handy

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Typically, we have stored items away each Christmas season of heirlooms, things we have purchased or gifts we have received through the years. We usually un-box our treasures with anticipation of where we will place our decorations. Some will have the exact placement each year, where some will design something new. One thing that we can all do to add a natural element to the fun by adding what we have already at our disposal. Outside there are sticks, pinecones, pine branches and holly if we have those in our landscape.

Thank of all the fun you will have gathering those items in a basket with the kids or with your sweetie. So many shelves and baskets in the home can hold these wonderful, natural elements from the outdoors. Adding electric string lights to these will make it even more festive! Candles mixed in can be so charming as well. Think about the dining table with friends and family gathered to see all your beautifully décor.

There are many ideas on Pinterest to see DIY ideas and crafts that are fun to do. The best thing of all is that it didn’t cost a thing to make your home a lovely place to enjoy the season. The natural pine scents will add that touch of Christmas. Make it a tradition with friends and family to gather nature’s elements to bring memories for years to come.