Create a Space in Your Landscape

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Have you ever looked for new ideas to add to your landscape design? Maybe you just want to vamp it up a bit. Suppose you have a really nice shady spot under a tree that you could add a little bench or create a sitting area with paver stones. Maybe you have always wished to put a little pond in for fish and lilies. What about a little herb garden?


Shady Reading Spot:

Be sure the area you choose has a nice cooler shady spot and big enough that it is a bit roomy for comfort. Decide what type of seating you would like. A chair with a back would be the most comfortable, but maybe as a desired look that is not what you are after. Benches can be very attractive. You could purchase a pre-made bench that is treated lumber or a bench made of stone. What might be fun though is to create one from paver stones. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes. You could also add wood seating to the pavers. Many ideas are online, especially places like Pinterest to see what styles you prefer. You could add potted flowers or make planter boxes that hold flowers, little trees or bushes. Here is a bench idea that is fun.


Pond for Fish and Water Lilies:

Before digging it’s always a good idea to contact your utility companies to be sure that it is safe to dig! Now, what kind of pond do you want? Aerating the water is necessary when it is a dormant pond, but what if you made it a waterfall or water fountain? That adds movement and excitement. The sound of water is relaxing and having a lively pond would be so nice, don’t you think? There are many ways to create an outside oasis with fish and water foliage. There are pre-made ponds that require you to first dig and then place the pool form into the ground. How you decide to decorate around it is up to you. There are also ways of creating waterfalls from already natural water sources, or you can electronically add a water fall. Here we’ve found a fun idea you may be interested in. As they say in the plan, “It’s worth the effort to build one yourself.”


Herb Garden:

If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs or if you like the idea of drying your own, an herb garden may just be what is in your future. It can be expensive to purchase herbs in the store, and they don’t always last until you use them all. What a great way to have them always on hand and only use what you need each time. A lot of trending gardens are being built in boxes. They term it “raised” garden. Many ways of creating them all have to do with easy access and repellent of animals searching to munch what you’ve worked hard at growing. Depending if you want is to be casual or gourmet, you’re sure to enjoy creating this area and planting in it. This is kind of a therapeutic activity. It’s also family friendly to teach the youngsters about plant care and rewards for the fruit of your labor. Here is a really nice herb garden idea you may be of interest to you.