A little history behind Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, I decided to look at a little history behind the holiday. Documentation is sparse as to when the actual first Thanksgiving or feast to celebrate harvest originated. Some documentation goes back as far as the fifteen hundreds while other documentation states the sixteen hundreds. Plymouth Rock celebration of an outstanding harvest in 1621 may not have been the first time people celebrated their good fortune in planting and harvest!

Here’s a link from Wikipedia that’s loaded with many interesting facts about harvest feasts, feasts of thanksgiving and gatherings of celebration.

Wherever the origination for sure, the real point is that as people we really haven’t changed that much over the years. We still have the desire to gather together in celebration of good times, times of thankfulness and blessing and we still have that overwhelming desire to share it all with each other!

When you gather together this harvest season, remember that we are doing the same things they did back in the fifteen hundreds, most likely a little easier now, but with the very same outcome…Thankfulness!