2 Words…Tree Preservation

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Extremes of snow, ice and wind, and worst of all, low, low temperatures can take their toll on your landscape.

Damage to trees and shrubs is quite common and even turf and groundcovers are vulnerable. After last winter’s ice storm many clients asked us what can be done to prevent such severe damage again.  As in many other aspects of life, we follow the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. FERTILIZE  YOUR  TREES & SHRUBS Proper pruning and cabling (when necessary) reduces the damage caused by what a bad winter can throw at us.

Our arborists recommend pruning your trees during the winter when they are dormant. This prevents the spread of disease, helps the arborist with increased visibility for form development and disease/hazard detection, and minimizes shock to the tree because of leaf loss. As an added bonus, when the ground is frozen there is minimal damage to lawns, gardens or the forest floor. Even after doing everything possible to prevent winter damage it sometimes happens. Trees and shrubs that experience moderate storm damage can often make a full recovery over time. When damage occurs, remove broken limbs immediately, and have one of our certified arborists perform crown restoration pruning within one growing season. Our professional arborists also offer pre-winter assessments of your landscape to identify potential problems, and they are available to perform storm damage emergency work at any time.

Trees provide shade, beauty and privacy and are the anchors of a great landscape. McCullough’s has been providing tree service for over twenty years and always uses an environmentally sensitive approach. Your arborist will design a tree service and plant health care program that addresses the specific conditions of your landscape, your personal preferences and eco-sensibilities.

You may be the type of person who enjoys a day spent maintaining your property and only want to call tree professionals when absolutely necessary. For others, maintaining trees is an intimidating, time consuming chore. So, you simply opt to leave the entire task to the experts. Our certified arborists work hand-in-hand to tailor a solution for you.