10 Drought-Tolerant Trees That Will Throw Shade

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The summer heat has arrived. With the unpredictable climate patterns, one can only plan strategically when it comes to keeping cool long-term (and lowering energy-costs). Rising temperatures and drought in many communities make planting even harder. But don’t worry, here are 10 shade trees with drought-tolerance that will keep you cool and add beauty to your yard.

1. Eastern Redcedar

2. Bur Oak

3. Northern Red Oak

4. Kentucky Coffeetree

 5. Hackberry

6. Chinkapin Oak

7. Northern Catalpa

8. London Planetree

9. Shumard Oak

10. Live Oak

All of these trees have interesting leaves, so be sure to research what tree would work best for your location. To learn more about the trees listed above, please click here.